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Welcome to Aircon Moraira

Aircon Moraira is the areas leading company for the installation, maintenance and repairs of air-conditioning systems for your home or your workplace. We cover Moraira and the immediate surroundings including Teulada, Benissa, Benitachell, Tabaira and of course Cumbre Del Sol. Our zircon solutions will keep you comfortable whether its in the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

Air conditioning solutions aren’t just a case of picking the first unit you like the look of and bolting it to the wall. As fully trained professionals, we’ll do a thorough assessment of the space that needs cooling (or heating), and recommend the right solution for you taking into account the volume of air that needs to be ‘conditioned’, where you would prefer the unit to be mounted, where we can put the external unit taking into account both aesthetic and regulatory factors, and airflow through your home or workspace.

We are fully qualified to install air-conditioning solutions from all the leading manufacturers including: Fujitsu, Johnson, Midea, Toshiba, Hair, Gree, GHisense, LG, Mitsubishi and Panasonic. In fact we are registered as one of Panasonic's Premium Partners.

At Aircon Moraira, you can be assured that our aircon recommendation will be the perfect system to maintain the temperature at whatever you desire - summer and winter.

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We work with all the leading Aircon manufacturers


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Where We Cover

As the name Aircon Moraira implies, we cover the are centred around Moraira. We will come and visit your home or workplace in the immediate surroundings of Benissa, Benitachell, Teulada, Tabaira and Cumbre Del Sol. We prefer to be more local as we find it allows us to service our clients better, it's not unusual to get a call in the morning and to have a repair completed by the end of the day!


Why Choose Aircon Moraira?

Aircon Moraira is part of the K&M Electrodomesticos group, a Calpe based family run company and one of Alicante regions’ leading companies with approaching 20 years experience in Spain and more than 20 years previously in the UK. Our ethos is to keep you cool (or warm). If that means maintaining a system we didn’t install, we’re happy to do that.

Qualified Aircon Engineers
All our staff are not only fully trained and qualified, but regularly attend training courses to stay completely up to date with the latest solutions and legal requirements.  We are a fully legal company and fully insured.

We might be British, but we speak Spanish and employ Spanish air conditioning engineers. It means we can speak in plain English to you, whilst making sense of our supplier support network which of course is totally in Spanish!

About Us

Aircon Moraira is backed by K&M Electrodomesticos of Calpe, the Costa Blanca’s leading independent white goods and air-conditioning company. With getting on for 40 years of knowledge and experience and with our professionally trained team, we’ll ensure you’re cool in the summer and warm in the winter

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Money Saving - EcoSense

Maintaining your air conditioning solution is vital to keep it in good working order and extending the life of your unit. We regularly service aircon systems way beyond their guarantee period, with some getting on for 15 years old and more.

Running air-conditioning does cost money. But where we see the biggest cost is when your air-conditioning is left on when you’re out. Many people - especially holiday makers you may rent your property to in summer - are under the misconception that ‘you have to keep the room cold at all times. It’s not true, but trying to remember doesn’t always work. 

To get around this, we can install an extra low cost ‘gadget’ call EcoSense. It works by simply turning off the air conditioning if no movement in the room is detected for 30 minutes. It is easy to install and works perfectly. The old system of using a money slot was unreliable and often just carried on even when the money ran out. 

EcoSense Moraira

We are the areas main agents for EcoSense so you won’t find it in the shops. We can retrofit to most air conditioning systems saving you money and extending the life of your air conditioning.

Tips and Tricks

  • Set your aircon for the temperature you require. Somewhere between 22º and 25º degrees is considered normal and will keep you at a comfortable temperature. Don’t fall into the trap of setting your system to 16º, you’ll be no cooler but will be running the system harder.
  • Collect your waste water if you can. Water is scarce in Spain and the water from the condenser unit can be put to good use such as watering the plants. The water at this point is distilled so it can even be used in your steam iron!
  • Clean your filters regularly. Your air conditioning system needs to ‘breathe’ and the filters will get clogged up. It takes 5 minutes to remove the filters, hoover them and replace them.
  • Service you system. At Aircon Moraira we offer a service package to regularly service your system. Just like servicing your car, we can ensure your system is in tip top condition, catch the little things before they become big things, and even re-gas your system keeping it good working order for years to come.


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